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Friday, July 20, 2012

Jeremy Lin LEFT, Time To Move On

By Dave Einsel, AP

New York Knicks fans out there who are about
to jump ship, were never true fans to begin
with, not if they are about to leave over
this ONE single transaction. If you're sick
and tired with James Dolan and Co., OK, but
otherwise this means nothing.

Jeremy Lin says he preferred to stay a Knick,
and I will not fault him for taking the most
money available to him, BUT if he truly wanted
to remain in NY and with the Knicks, he would
not have gone back to Houston and reworked the
original offer sheet for a new one. The new
offer sheet made it very hard for the Knicks
to financially justify matching it. The first
contract offer by the Houston Rockets was set
to be signed and the Knicks stated both publicly
and privately that they would match, they showed
their want and commitment to Lin. There is your
answer, you want to stay? We want you to stay.
Lin, and his agent got greedy and allowed the
Rockets to add language and numbers that made it
almost embarrassing for the Knicks to match.

Wanna quit the Knicks? Go ahead, go follow the
9th best team out west, see how long that shine
on Lin's fame lasts. Nothing against getting the
best offer for Lin, but don't like GREED, most
clear headed folks will tell you the same thing.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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