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Monday, July 23, 2012

NCAA Hammers Paterno & Penn St

In Tweet earlier I asked if it was unfair what the
NCAA had done to Penn State and Joe Paterno today,
and I answered my own question by saying: "Let's
put it this way, in comparison to what those boys
went through, they were light", and I don't think
that anyone can truly argue with that.

Do the people who are presently at the school and
had zero to do with it deserving of such penalties?
I think it's easy enough to say no, but collateral
damage is always common in these cases, and they
have an the opportunity to go elsewhere in many
cases if they are too directly affected by these
sanctions and fines. Unfortunately it's not always
easy, but many will get to do this if they want.

I think the least of the penalties handed down
today is the vacated wins. Joe Paterno isn't #1
one on the wins list anymore? So what? If you
were a player on the field and won that day, you
won, no decision on paper can take that away from
you and your effort. If you were on the field and
lost that day, the last thing you want to hear is
that some guy in an office just handed you the win,
because some idiot did the wrong thing OFF THE FIELD.

Not the NCAA nor anyone in a position to do something
could pretend that what happened in court was enough.
Some of the people involved will never see a day of
prison or lose a dime of wealth, and the University
as an institution will eventually get past this, even
if it does forever remain ingrained in history books.
Something had to be done, and none of this will ever
come close to the pain and suffering inflicted on the
innocent involved at the pain Jerry Sandusky and the
silent inflicted on them.

These kids, named or not, out or not, will never be
the same. No money or conviction will ever change
that. Just be glad you or a member of your family
hasn't and doesn't ever become a victim to something
like this in your life.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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