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Monday, July 2, 2012

Carlos Lee = LOSER

AP Photo

These words, or word rather may sound harsh to some of
you, but I'm sure that many of you are right there with
me in this sentiment. How does a guy who's never won a
damn thing exorcize his no trade clause, and turn down
the chance to get traded to a contender in order to stay
with a team that is currently sixteen games under .500,
expected to be even worse than that, and 12 games out of
first before the midway mark of the season? Where is
the pride? Is it all about collecting your paycheck and
nothing else at this point? I would be hard pressed to
believe anything else.

I keep reading about how he's still thinking about it,
but the fact remains that he hasn't jumped at the chance
to go to a winner, and he is making an excellent case for
the total and complete elimination of no trade clauses in
contracts all together. They sound like a great idea at
the time, but why the F@#K do I need to guarantee you that
I'm gonna keep you around for the next 8 or so years if
I'm paying your A$$ in excess of $10Mil per year? What?
Am I married to you? Did we have children together?
Total F#@KING NONSENSE. Carlos Lee isn't the first, but
right about now he is approaching "Straw that broke the
camels back" status. What a complacent spoiled brat!

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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