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Friday, July 27, 2012

Cole Hamels Signs New Deal, A Joke For The Phillies

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Now I know that I will get attacked from all angles
by Phillies fans for that headline alone, but I can
assure you that the comment was made in their best
interest as well as the interest of many other fans
who have GM's dumb enough to give away the farm to
the first pretty face that can throw a pitch or stop
a puck.

I don't know how many of you reading this are sports
fans in general, as opposed to fans of just one sport,
but to step away from the 6 year $144Mil deal just
signed, it seems that their have been a spate of NHL
teams that think it's kinda cool to sign players to
8, 9, and 10 year deals. This is insane, especially
in a sports as violent as hockey. Take note NHL GM's,
there might be a good reason why most NFL contracts
aren't guaranteed, one hit and POOF! there goes your

Well this Cole Hamels deal is a little out there as
well, and frankly it's kind to say that it's only
"a little out there". $24Mil a year to a guy who
only gets on the field an average of once per week?
Six years to a player that can miss months at a time
for something as trivial as shoulder discomfort?
This is insane, and if you're a Phillies fan, even
if you like/LOVE Hamels, you should be pissed, or
at the very least disappointed at what Ruben Amaro
has done with YOUR money. Expect to suck for the
very foreseeable future, book it. Amaro has signed
the Phillies up for a long road of mediocrity and
suckiness. You put that many dollars into that
fragile a commodity and you are just asking for it.

What has gotten into these GM's? Has no one learned
from former Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks? How did
that 10 year $252Mil deal deal for A-Rod turn out?
Texas won nothing, and eventually had to trade him,
and there's more. Yes it's true that Brian Cashman/
Steinbrenner compounded the problem by doing it again,
but that's just too stupid to comment on. How about
the fact that at the end of that first deal which
would have been the end of last season, A-Rod ended
the year batting .276 with 16Hr's and 62 Rbi's over
a span of 99 games. Yes 99 games, because he's old
and breaking down! The Yankees thought they would
cash in on A-Rod breaking the Aaron/Bonds HR record,
but at this point he is still 118 behind Bonds, and
it would take him over four seasons to do that at
the pace he's been on the last two seasons.
NOT gonna happen !

Is anyone of these General Managers taking notes?
By the way, Happy 37th Birthday A-Rod!

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree. You compared Aroid/Texas rangers to Cole hamels who has won Philadelphia a world series and taken us to multiple nlds, nlcs appearances