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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Unfortunately You Must Trade Carlos Beltran

Courtesy: NY Daily News
I am a BIG NY Mets fan, but in short here is
the reality of the situation. The NY Mets,
started the season 5-13, and have gone 44-37
since that time, or seven games over .500.
That being said, it is not far fetched to
believe that the Mets can go seven games over
.500 for the remainder of the season, which
would be 35-28, for a final record of 84-78.
That is NOT enough to win the NL Wildcard,
yes stranger things have happened, but you
can't depend on that. Michael Moraitis was
a guest on my show yesterday, and said one
thing that made too much sense. Reyes,
Beltran, and Wright were their when the
Mets suffered some of the biggest collapses
in baseball history, what leads you to believe
that they can be any different this year?
It's a point you can't ignore.

It's also funny how life works sometimes, in
that today may have been Carlos Beltran's last
appearance in a Met uniform at home, and it
happened against the St. Louis Cardinals, the
team that all Mets fans will always connect
Beltran with for never taking the bat off of
his shoulders on a call third strike to end
the Mets playoffs hopes just a few short years
ago. It's inevitable, they MUST trade Beltran,
as much as it pains me to say it.

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