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Monday, July 25, 2011

I Should Have Made It A League Wide Plea

I have never met the man, so this is truly not
personal. I say this because as sports talk
hosts or writers we give our opinion, and
hopefully do our best to make sure there is no
malice behind it. Back in September of 2010
I submitted an audio piece to 312Sports that
was in reply to a rumor that Eric Wedge was a
candidate to take over as manager of the Cubs.
The main focus of my piece was DON'T HIRE
ERIC WEDGE. Looking back in retrospect perhaps
I should have made it clear that not only did I
think this was a bad hire for the Cubs if made,
but a bad hire in general. A little over two
weeks ago the Seattle Mariners were literally
within arms reach of the AL West, and though
no one really believed that they could win that
division let alone finish near .500, it was a
real good start. Well last night they lost
their club record 15th in a row, and if this
keeps up it will not only be a club record
but it will also be an MLB record. Yes they
have a long way to go, but perhaps it's
already time that Eric Wedge goes too.

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