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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mere Bag Of Shells

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If you thought the "Tie" was bad, or perhaps
the strong arming of FOX Television to get
Bud Selig to let the All Star Game decide
home field advantage in World Series was
annoying, then you might want to remember a
phrase Jackie Gleason once used, and incorporate
it here: The All Star Game is a "Mere Bag Of
Shells" of what it used to be. The truth is,
there is NO competition, it less fun to watch
than the NFL Pro Bowl, and this year's mass
excuse exodus by players selected may be the
biggest in a long line of embarrassments the
game has seen, but I'll use Jackie's phrase again,
and say: If you think this is bad, well my friends,
this is a "Mere Bag Of Shells"!

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