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Saturday, July 23, 2011

NY Trade Rumours That Start Here

Carlos Beltran: I am going to side with my
guest today on my show and, also take Carlos
at his word that he wants to stay in NY.
That is why I am going to predict that he
either A) Stays a Met, B) Gets traded to the
crosstown Yankees or C) gets traded & returns
to one of those two teams via free agency

Jason Bay: Mark it down ! Jason Bay returns to
the Red Sox in a deal that benefits both teams
greatly. Come on! Jeff Francouer? Really! ? !

Hiroki Kuroda: The Red Sox will not trade for
this Dodgers starter. Japanese is starting to
give them mucho indigestion.

Juanne Pierre: Is likely to join another team in
the stretch run before this is all over.

Oakland A's: Will be sellers, D'uh !

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