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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Golden Head Shot

With one more goal today Abby Wambach is in line
for at least a share of the Golden Boot Award
for the most goals in the World Cup along with
Brazil's Marta. Marta has a one goal edge, and
that happens to be a Penalty Kick. None of Abby's
goals have come on the Penalty Kick, and the only
thing more impressive than that is the fact that
her scores have been predominantly headers, and
exciting lead takers as well. Win or lose Abby is
in line for the Golden Boot and though it's clear
that the US Women are strong favorites here to take
home their third World Cup trophy, perhaps they
should give Abby the Golden Head award should she
tally another goal or two in this match, after all
it hasn't been just her hair or even boot for that
matter that have been Golden in this tournament.
My Prediction: USA 5 Japan 1

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