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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The NFL Labor Unions Brain Numbing Actions

Courtesy AP
It seems obvious to me that those boys doing
the negotiations on the "Union" side of the
table have been on the wrong side of a helmet
to helmet hit themselves a time or two.
Adam Schefter reported earlier that the two
sides had pretty much agreed on how to overhaul
the rookie pay scale and would now move on to
workman's comp, free agency rules, etc.
My question here for the Union, or de certified
whatever it is, is: Why are you fighting so
hard for players that aren't even part of the
Union? Why not settle that stupidity weeks ago
and move on to more important stuff like free
agency? Those players are already union members.
Workman's comp? Those players were/are in the
union and helped make this league great. Current
players? The established players are the ones
that deserve to reap the rewards, not some kid
who was a star at Bumfock State. Wake the hell
up and smell the Jamarcus Russell Mr Smith !

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