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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tired Of Being Pushed Around


Mario Balotelli probably knows a thing or two
about being pushed around. I mean look at him,
he is a Black man, who is also Italian. I can
easily say this because I am an Italian American
whose parents were born in Italy, and I've put
no racist malice into that statement. Italians
are not typically black, at least not by stereo
typical standards. Balotelli was taken in by
Italian foster parents at the age of three, but
he was born in Palermo,Italy and with that he is
not only Italian, but also a world class
footballer who also happens to play for the
Italian national team, and that was another thing
that didn't come easy.

With that as your background it is nice to see
this story that came out of the UK. Balotelli
was at an autograph signing when through an
exchange with a young fan he decided that it was
his job to intervene in a dispute between the
young fan and a school bully. The story from
there only gets better, and makes it nice to see
that Balotelli has not only managed to keep a
nice perspective here, but found the time to help.
A lesson we can all learn. Nice Job Mario !

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