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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Money, Money, Money

In last weeks ESPN the magazine their was
a page on top earners in sports all across
the gamut, for those "sports" or games that
were available. We can agree that not
everyone on this list is an athlete, but
they do make money playing games, and that
can't be all bad.

A couple of things that might catch your eye
are things like:

In two categories the women earn more than the
men, and as you can see, if you didn't already
know, that's rare.

NFL, MLB, and NBA do not have the top three

The lowest earner on this list is Female Bowler
Shannon Pluhowsky at $40,300 for 2009/10 but
this doesn't mention any endorsement money so
it can't be all that bad to bowl for a living.

The highest earners are Manny Pacquiao and
Alex Rodriguez at 32 million, but even
though it's prize money and not salary,
Pacquiao only needed two fights to do that.

A recent beer commercial has made light of
a "pro" dart player on a a date with his
stretching and warm up antics, but the top
earner on this list, Phil Taylor is laughing
all the way to the bank with over a million
in earnings, and again I'm sure the sponsors
help make that a little more profitable too.

And yes Professional eater Joey Chestnut may
die at an early age while suffering all sorts
of gastrointestinal problems along the way as
a member of MLE (Major League Eating), but he
will earn over 200 grand along the way as long
as he stays at or near the top of his "game"

Here's the list, see for yourself. Enjoy!

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