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Sunday, May 8, 2011

NY Mets: Is Trading Wright Wrong?

Aristide Economopoulos/Star-Ledger

The short answer is, NO. Lots of talk this
past off season and season has the NY Mets,
making trades, starting over, and not being
able to sign Jose Reyes, but the truth of the
matter if they wanna save money is quite
simply this: Unload Jason Bay the minute he
becomes a commodity again, and he will.
Carlos Beltran's salary comes off the books
this year, so there you can go youth, and
David Wright can get you more in a trade than
Jose Reyes can right now, and Thank God for
that! Wright has one more year after this
left on his contract and that will make the
team that wants to acquire David much more
open to giving you more of what the Mets may
ask for as opposed to give you lots for the
possible rental of Jose Reyes for the
remainder of this season when Jose becomes
a very valuable free agent.

Yes the Mets have money problems, we all know
that, but one cure for that ill is bringing
fans to the ballpark with wins, and let's
face it, Jose Reyes is a much better player
than David Wright, that's RIGHT, much better.
David has been a disappointment for quite a
bit now, and his strikeouts just keep on
coming. As evidenced by today's 4-2 loss
to the Dodgers, Jose Reyes triples, and gets
and RBI in the bottom of the ninth, and David
Wright strikes out to end the game.

Next year Wright is set to earn over 15 million
dollars, but since 12 million from Oliver Perez,
6 million from Luis Castillo, and 1 million from
Gary Matthews Jr. (yes they are still paying him)
come off the books, it is simple to see that you
can afford to pay Jose to stay and use that money
and payroll still goes down. Fourteen million just
by those numbers alone, if the rumored 20 million
that Jose is supposed to earn is true, and he just
might give you a hometown discount if he really
feels wanted.

David Wright's legend has now reached a point where
it is bigger than he is. His numbers keep getting
worse, and his clutch(ness) is stuck in first gear.
Just look at what he's done the past three seasons
alone, while it's clear that Jose is that Carl
type of player teams were drooling over
this past off season. Look at recent history and
you can also see that Jose's numbers are on the
rise as opposed to decline. He's six months
younger and definitely more dynamic, and honestly
I just can't bear to watch Wright throw another
ball away. The errors were supposed to get better
once Ike Davis became the 1st baseman, but he
isn't a magician you know.

With whatever you get back from a David Wright
trade, Ike Davis, Jose Reyes (re-signed), and
a bit of youth that continues to mature, the
2012 Mets will definitely benefit from the
departure of David Wright and his monotone
excuse filled voice that has all the leadership
of a mating Panda bear. Time to move on !

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