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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Covering The Game Of Life Instead

Just because your a blogger, writer or even
have your own talk show doesn't mean that you
don't follow other writers, or hosts.
Truth be told, you probably follow them more.
I started following David White when he covered
the Raiders, and would always check out his
stories on various Bay Area sports news, even
when it turned out he was covering the hated
49er's and he was quite the informative guy.

Yesterday David announced that he was giving
this up, that as he puts it, "It's his turn".
David will no longer be writing for The Chronicle,
instead he will be a full time pastor at the
Porterville Church of God ministry. I'll miss
David, but understand that life is always more
important than sports, and I'm glad that one
more of us realized that. It's always been
that way, but sometimes, myself included, we
get a little too consumed by how much our
world will end if our team loses, and to this
day it still hasn't. It will be interesting
to see how he covers God's latest "sporting"
event due to take place on the 21st of May,
2011, actually I wonder if he'll cover it
at all. Thanks, and Good Luck David !

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