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Friday, May 27, 2011

Knee Jerk Reaction To Posey Injury

I know there are some among you that think
this might be worth considering, and if you
are among them, then I'm sorry, but eliminating
the collision with the catcher at home plate
because some star catcher got hurt is just
plain STUPID. Yes, I know that sounds harsh,
and maybe even offensive, but you can't go
overreacting every time someone gets hurt on
a play that occurs hundreds of times.
If that was just some everyday non star,
no one would have cared past the high light
piece. It's only a big deal because he's
now worth millions to the SF Giants.
Maybe they should have done with Posey the
same thing the Washington Nationals did with
their big investment Bryce Harper and move
him to the outfield once they ponied up the
big bucks. Just don't forget that he could
still get really hurt running into the outfield
wall, and then they would have to consider
removing those as well.

1 comment:

JPA said...

I agree 100%! I think the media's reaction has been comical. What if Eli Whiteside had been hurt? {crickets} It stinks that Posey got hurt but are you going to remove one of the few physical elements of baseball that remains to prove what exactly? There is a reason catcher is the easiest route to the majors- few want to or are able to do what it takes day in and day out. Baseball should stick to what it does best- promoting the big market teams.