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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Braylon Edwards & Vince Lombardi

Chris Faytok/The Star-Ledger

Although I completely agree that those two
names do not belong in the same sentence,
I will do this only for the purpose of this
blog post.

Braylon Edwards followed up on a promise he
made, and it was a great thing to not only
keep this promise, but to make this promise,
in the first place. I know I trash him when
he screws up, so he deserves praise when he
does the good stuff too. He made a promise
to help 100 Cleveland area kids with their
college tuition when he was with the Cleveland
Browns, and he kept that promise +1 and is going
to help 101 kids in Cleveland in total. Props to
Yahoo sports for recognizing this story and
making sure it got written.

Leave it to the NY Post to recognize that the
man that takes care of Vince Lombardi's grave
is a Jet fan. So What ! What's important here
is that it's being neglected at all, and that
maybe the people making money off the
Broadway play should dish out a couple of
dollars to make sure that this legendary figure
gets his rightful respect. I would bash the
league that names their Championship Trophy
after him, but right now they're a little tight
on money. It's really a good thing he isn't here
to see that even his own family drop this ball as
well. Maybe they need a little coaching.

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