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Monday, August 6, 2012

First Tim Tebow, And Now Terrell Owens

Courtesy of Splog.Nationallampoon

How many teams need publicity that bad that they
can't help but fall all over themselves to be part
of the next big headline grabber? There will be
those that are ready to argue that some if not all
of these moves are "good" football decisions, but
when you look at them up close it's hard to take
that very seriously.

It's been less than 24 hours since Boomer Esiason
made his feelings known and stated that the NY Jets
should cut Tim Tebow, and now the Seahawks go on
and ink a guy that should have already retired,
Terrell Owens. Though I don't necessarily agree
with Boomer that cutting Tebow is the best way to
go here, I will say that they never should have
traded for him to begin with. Cutting Tebow would
be like taking two draft picks and throwing them
in the trash. At least see if you can re-trade
him and get something back for your boneheaded
decision. Make no mistake here the Jets knew what
they were doing, they were trying to sell seats,
and that's exactly what he will do.

Now T.O. is a Seattle Seahawk, and you have to
wonder with Pete Carroll pulling the strings in
Seattle if the coaching seat is getting hot, and
he's looking for a Hail Mary to save him. Maybe
sell out a few more games, increase the local TV
ratings, and throw some interference at the owner
on the fact that he's in year three, and on his
fifth QB, and still hasn't won anything.

Though you won't catch last years conference
champion New England Patriots and N.Y. Giants
making these sorts of moves, there are still a
few teams that are ripe for this type of circus
like attention. The Jaguars were fighting the
Jets for a shot at Tebow, and if Brett Favre
came back within the next couple of years, you
can bet that someone would make a play for him.
There really is no shortage of teams that would
make a play for this circus type publicity from
time to time, just teams that wouldn't.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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