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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dodgers Try The Yankee Way, Steinbrenner Smiles

A large amount of the focus on the trade between
the Red Sox and Dodgers has been on Boston, and
if you ask me, it makes sense. The got rid of
a boat load of salary, damaged goods, and a
pitcher who has clearly seen better days.

All that being said, from the L.A. point of view
it smells exactly like something "The Boss"
George Steinbrenner would have had the guts to
do. Don't get me wrong, if you're a Dodger
fan this trade stinks, BUT, it has the potential
to pay off like a 100-1 shot at Santa Anita on
a sunny Sunday afternoon. No one, but no one
had the guts to do something like this without
thinking and over thinking it over and over
again. Many a bold move like this caused
Steinbrenner Yankee teams to look like fools
in the 80's and early 90's, but that's until
he mixed baseball people with knowledge and
his go for the gusto approach to finally build

The Dodgers took a gamble here, they laid out
a ton of money, and got a guy who could be a
cancer in the clubhouse if his bad habits from
his days in Boston turn out to be true, and
team chemistry though sometimes over rated,
can be a big part of whether or not a team will
gel or not. The prospects they gave up in this
deal are just that, prospects, so that's not
exactly a huge gamble, but it helps that they
brought back a California guy in Adrian Gonzalez
as part of the trade.

George "The Boss" Steinbrenner is out there right
now saying: "I would have done that", and everyone
knows that too.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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