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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At Least 10 Questions The 2012 NFL Season Answer

At some point this season every team will have
questions to answer, and some will be or more
curiosity to the typical NFL fan then others.
Whether for the fact that people are curious,
or just because some folks just need a good
laugh, here are some that might come up:

1. Many predict the Patriots to go back to
the SuperBowl, but with the window for the
Brady Belichick beginning to close can that
duo really win another one?

2. Is Time Tebow just a flash in the pan or
will he expose Mark Sanchez for the sub average
QB many think he is?

3. Is CJ2k done? The last two years his yards
have taken a nosedive, is this the real Chris

4. Andrew Luck or RGIII? This will take years
to fully be answered, but who will have a better
1st season?

5. Does Phillip Rivers need someone besides Norv
Turner to succeed, or is it Norv Turner that needs
a better GM than A.J. Smith to finally get the job
done in San Diego?

6. Will the new Oakland Raiders look anything like
the Raida's that Al Davis envisioned in his heyday?

7. Will The Philadelphia Eagles take everything that
has happened to them of the past 12 months and parlay
that into team unity and their 1st SuperBowl Title?

8. Are the S.F. 49ers for real, and will their newest
additions help or hurt what they built last year?

9. How good will Drew Brees and the Saints be without
Sean Payton?

10. Will anyone give Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin the
credit they deserve if they don't make the playoffs
this season?

Bonus: Is Elway a genius or did he make a mistake in
getting Peyton Manning and dumping Tim Tebow?

Many more questions, but these are some of the ones
that come to mind. Let me know which ones you have.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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