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Monday, May 14, 2012

With Votto & Hamilton, Cincy Left To Wonder What If

Courtesy CBS Sports

After seeing the types of numbers that Joey Votto
and Josh Hamilton have put up recently, I can't
help but realize that I'm not the only one who
might be wondering what if. The Reds have to be
besides themselves knowing that they had both
Joey Votto and Josh Hamilton on the same team at
the same time, and now don't because they gave up
on Hamilton a tad too early. Of course the Tampa
Rays could be upset too having drafted Josh number
one overall, but how could they ever know that
Hamilton would eventually recover to some degree
from his demons of drug and alcohol addiction.

The numbers of these two are staggeringly similar
if you're willing to give a little. Since 2010
Votto has an RBI edge of 240 to 216 over Hamilton,
but Josh leads in HR's 75 to 71, as well as batting
avg .337 to .315, and with that you still have to
give Josh the edge in all three when you consider
that he has played in 58 less games and in turn had
127 less at bats. I could churn numbers all day,
and it sill won't define a clear cut winner with
these two, at least not until the end of their
careers. The Texas rangers are a scary lineup,
and Josh Hamilton is a big reason for that, and yet,
how do you thin pitchers would feel if they had to
face Votto and Hamilton in the same lineup every
night? Scared, probably, and the Reds too are left
to wonder, what if.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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