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Thursday, May 24, 2012

END Is Near, New York Yankees For Sale

No matter what you heard prior to reading this, or what
you believe after it, what's your stake in it? If your
a fan, a diehard fan then it's purely emotional, other
than that, save your breath, no matter what you think,
this is NOT your team Yankee fans. YOU DON"T OWN IT !

Yankee fans seem to be ready to fight to the death upon
hearing that the Steinbrenner's might consider selling
the franchise, and yet it wasn't oh that long ago that
many a Yankee fan was more than willing to drive dearly
departed George Steinbrenner out of town at their own
expense. Hank and Hal, and anyone else involved will,
and have already denied any such notion of a sale, but
if it were your team, I mean really your team, would
you admit it? I mean do you want people knowing and
being in your business? Probably not. Chances are
that the Yankees saw that the LA Dodgers sold for a few
Billion dollars and thought, the heck with this garbage
let's get out of here. They have their rings, they have
their titles, what more can they hope to accomplish?

The New York Daily news sites credible and trustworthy
sources, sources in the Yankee organization say that this
is false, and that there will be a a full investigation.
So What? Who cares? Get over it, it's a business, and
a multi BILLION dollar one at that. The Highlander/Yankee
organization has been owned by dozens, and will be long
after your gone. Enjoy the game, enjoy the players, and
then remember this, you have no say.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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