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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Roger Clemens And Brian McNamee Saga A Sad State Of Affairs

(Doug Mills/New York Times)

To me the Roger Clemens doping story was always about
whether Clemens cheated or not. It was never about
wives who wanted to look better, suspicious spouses
warning their husbands to protect themselves from
being the fall guy, or even whether a puppy faced
Andy Petitte would lie for his buddy and mentor, but
the more I read about the proceedings now into their
fifth week, the more I wonder how many more things
not mentioned at trial took place within the Roger
Clemens circle.

It is hard to make a clear decision as to whether the
government is wasting it's time or not, because even
though it's just baseball, and there are bigger fish
to fry in the world of crime, you still can't help
but say to yourself, "He broke the law". If we
only went after big criminals, then the next time
someone stole $100 out of your pocket, we would just
have to dismiss it. A crime is a crime. Here it
appears that many crimes have taken place, the lack
of loyalty, lack of integrity, and the absence of
sportsmanship. These things may not be published in
any law journal, but for many of us they are crimes
none the less.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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