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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pittsburgh Pirates Insult & Injure Their Fans


 Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE
About a week ago I wrote about how both the Pittsburgh Pirates
and the New york Mets have really made a mess of what started
out as promising seasons early on, and even further along, but
since then the Mets have managed to add a 20 winner into the fold
as a little bit of a treat to their fans, and earlier on rewarded their
fans with the franchises first no hitter as well.  Both of these feats
took place at home, so the home fans really had a chance to enjoy
them, and at least say they were there.

Now though it's true that with five games remaining for the Pirates
they already have four more wins than they did last season, and the
Mets could only improve on last years win total if they won every
last game they have remaining, I'm going to venture and say that
Pirates fans have to be a little less satisfied than they thought they
might be a few weeks a go.  I'm thinking that fans in Pittsburgh
would have been happy to take the consolation prize of finishing
over .500 for the first time in two decades if they couldn't make
the playoffs, but after tonight not only is that off the table, but the
team would have to go 5-0 just to finish .500.  Now not only is
the bar getting lower, and lower for what fans expected from their
team, but it is VERY unlikely.  For the last six weeks or so the
Pirates have not only been going backwards in the standings, but
have also been doing things backwards, like instead of rewarding
their fans with anything like I mentioned earlier, but instead of
what the Mets did with giving their fans a no-hitter at home, the
Pirates eliminated all hope of finishing over .500 by being no-hit
at home tonight in front of their home fans.

I have no doubt that Clint Hurdle has done a great job with this
team, and should likely remain as the manager in Pittsburgh, it
is also quite evident that this type of finish is not only a tease to
the fans that began coming back to the ball park in the Steel City
to root on their team, but is also adding insult to injury on what has
no doubt been a painful couple of decades for the fans.
Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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