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Thursday, September 6, 2012

David Wright OR Curtis Granderson

The first thing that may come to mind for the reader
may be, why ask the question to begin with? They're
both very good players that play in New york, play
different positions, and realistically speaking have
zero to do with each other. Well, I will tell you
why I bring this up at all. Does David Wright get
too much credit for being this star that maybe he
really isn't, while Curtis Granderson doesn't get
enough? I'm not sure I'll have a definitive answer
for you here and now, but it may change your view.
Then again it may not, but here goes.

This thing came to mind just recently for me when
I saw that both these players had just hit their
200th home run, and it literally happened just days
apart. Now I am a Mets fan, so many times I can
admit to the fact that I can fall into the trap of
"don't know what you got til it's gone", but since
I listen to more Mets games than Yankees games, I
did notice that the broadcasters made a point to
let the listener know about it, and in more than
just the casual way. Now John Sterling may have
thrown a party for Granderson for all I know, but
somehow I wonder. All of this led me to bring up
their stats, I wanted to see their age, ab's etc.
What I found wasn't I suspected, Granderson has
great numbers, but the clear cut star isn't here.

By the numbers is just this: Granderson has 201 Hr's
while Wright is still at 200, and yes that is no big
deal, however Granderson has done this in 138 less
games, or just under a season. He hit them in 520
less at bats, and that is a full season. In the
time span Granderson also has 240 less Rbi's than
Wright, but that doesn't surprise me since he has
been more of a 1 or 2 hitter throughout his career
than he is now in NY. Here is where my argument
took a turn against me though. David Wright has
Curtis Granderson easily beat in the batting avg.
dept by 41 points with a .301 to .263 edge, stolen
bases which surprised the pants off of me with an
edge of 163 to 112, and in hits by a huge margin,
1401 to 1086.

So there's my story. I was looking to tell you that
Granderson might be better than Wright and very few
know about it, but I can't even definitively tell
you that Wright is clearly better than Granderson
either. Two real good players, both in New York,
and both good citizens. Sounds like a win win to me.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

1 comment:

edkone said...

Well Granderson also plays for the Yankees. Surrounded by at least a few better players than is Wright, not to mention the home field in which he plays. I too am a Mets fan, as you well know. All I can say is that the Mets had better sign him up "wright" away at te end of the season.