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Sunday, August 28, 2011

They Missed Another One

Chris Faytok/The Star-Ledger
NY Giants fans were more than a little annoyed
after the Giants seemingly dropped the ball
so to speak on resigning Steve Smith not more
than mere days after letting Kevin Boss slip
out of there grasp as well, and it seems like
they might be more than a little ticked off
if Derek Hagan turns into something after
knowing that they had him in their possession
at one point as well. The Oakland Raiders
didn't look great against the Saints on Sunday
night football this week, but there were quite
a few bright spots, and for a guy who is trying
to make the team, that means a lot. Hagan was
one of those few bright spots, Derek Hagan led
the Raiders with six receptions for 121 yards
and a touchdown against the Saints and his
performance as well as an impressive training
camp this pre-season is likely to earn Hagan
a roster spot on a team that may actually have
too many decent receivers this year. If there
is such a thing as too many decent receivers,
that is.

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