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Monday, August 1, 2011

Could There Be A New Titletown ?

It may sounds strange saying this about a
city that only has ONE Title in the past
20 plus years, and that came three years
ago, but in this past MLB off season there
was one prize jewel on the market and that
was Cliff Lee. The Phillies were no where
to be found when it came to rumors as to
where he might end up, and swoop, out of
nowhere, Mr. Lee the prize jewel himself
decides to take LESS money, that's right
it's not a typo, and go to Philadelphia.

If this sounds familiar, it could very well
be because there was a repeat of that just
this past week. Nnamdi Asomougha was the
prize jewel, of the NFL off season free agent
market and he too took less money to join a
Philadelphia team (sound familiar?). Very
few if anyone thought he would end up with
the Eagles and low and behold, SWOOP, just
like the real life Eagles, here they came,
even though the odds up until the last few
minutes gave the NY Jets an 80% chance to land
him, and the Dallas Cowboys a 20% chance, and
there was NO ONE else in the picture according
to the "EXPERTS".

Now, landing these two big fish does not ensure
that the Phillies and Eagles will win Titles
this season, or even appear in the finals of
their respective leagues for that matter, but
you can't deny that the Phillies are a serious
contender and at the very top of the list to at
least represent the National League with their
stellar starting rotation. The Eagles, dare I say
it, may have the best secondary since Mike Haynes
and Lester Hayes, and yes they won a "Title", and
though that alone won't win it, the Eagles don't
have huge holes on offense especially with a
healthy Michael Vick who has now assured everyone
that he is truly back.

Now with the term "Title Town", you have to have at
least three teams in the four major sports, and
Philly supersedes that by have at least one in all
four, so when you take a look at the other two teams,
you will see that the possibility of earning this
moniker is not so far fetched. The 76ers may have
the toughest road to travel, but they did make the
NBA playoffs this year, so that's a decent start,
and the Flyers were in the Finals just two short
years ago, so it isn't a stretch to believe that
they can not only repeat this feat, but this time
come away with the victory. Anyway you slice this
Philadelphia is no ones second city when it comes to
sports, and it may be a little pre mature to give
them this honor, but there's no doubt they're a
threat to take it. Look out Boston.

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