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Monday, August 8, 2011

Does Steve Williams Understand He's A Douche?

I guess this is sort of a rhetorical question of
sorts, because though it may not need an answer
so to speak, it does make me scratch a hole in
my head. I mean does Steve Williams realize that
in spite of the money he's made as a caddie, he is
really no more than a Men's room attendant on a
golf course? I mean no disrespect to those hard
working Men's room attendants around the world
who actually do a great job dealing with the hand
they've been dealt, but I use this term in the
worst way that a bathroom attendant is stereo-
typically seen. He carried Tiger Woods' bags for
eleven years, he may as well have been hand rolling
the condoms on his penis for all we know. What a
Douche! STFU! Adam Scott won the golf tournament
idiot, not you! Best feeling in all your years in
the game???? What game? Your a friggin caddie, and
an overpaid one at that. You are the best example
of how STUPID people can be sometimes, and in the
process you actually made Tiger Woods look good.
Do you know how hard that is? A man who slept with
porn stars and diner waitress rejects while his kids
and wife knew none the better, and you made him look
good for a moment, Bravo, Idiot ! Oh and by the way,

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