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Thursday, August 25, 2011

He Can See ! He Can Seeeeeeee!

Al Bello/Getty Images

Well, at least it appears that Sandy Alderson
isn't that blind after all. I was getting to
write a piece about how the Mets got to about
3 games over .500 while David Wright was out
of the lineup, and how now they are 7 under
with him in the lineup when up comes a story
from Troy Renck of the Denver Post on how
the Mets earlier this month put David Wright
on waivers. I can see full well that Wright
hasn't lost all these games on his own, but
I feel confident in saying he hasn't won many
either, and even less at Citifield. It is
time for the Mets to cut their losses and hope
that some team makes them a reasonable offer.
Alderson, I hope is preparing for a Jose Reyes
bid to stay here, because it is quite evident
how much more competitive they can be with him
in the lineup, and Mets fans should be glad
Jose is out. The reason you ask? One they
got to see a David Wright led Mets team, and
they got to see a Jose Reyes Mets led team,
and there is no comparison, and secondly,
the injury made Jose more affordable to the
Mets. Contrary to popular belief Jose is not
injury prone, he plays hard and it seems that
way. Sandy, pull the trigger.

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