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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News & Notes, My Way

Here's a few stories I thought you might find
interesting enough to stop and look at. I did !

Wondering how a young guy like Gaines Adams can
stop and drop dead all of a sudden without being
an abuser or loser? Here ya go!

Fixing the NY Giants defense is going to take a
big man, and I think the Giants made a solid choice.

Most of the time Serena Williams is a bit of an ass,
on on this occasion she got some of it right.

The Buffalo Bills got turned down by a great many
choices, but today they got their(a) man. He's
got a winning record in the pros, including NFL
Europe when it was still called the WLAF (World
League of American Football), and college.
He just needs to get that next level thing going
as he has never won a championship of sorts.
But all in all, a good choice. That being said
if you were following Mad Stork Sports on Twitter
Sunday you would have realized that I was right
on the money when I pointed out that Marty
Schottenheimer wanted the job, and kinda wants
back into coaching bad.

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