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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Linked Up Tuesday

Here's some stories worth following if
your sports itch needs some scratch.

A true World Series would be awesome
if it could be realized in our lifetime, and
even more awesome it it met Bud Selig's
timetable. We ain't talkin' World Classic
here, or something like that.

If you think the NFL salary caps' possible
disappearance if going to be easy to
figure out, just take a look at a rule
you just may not know that much about.
It's sure to raise some eyebrows on
some level for you.

So wait just one second here. You mean
to tell me that a good way to fix a huge
problem with your horrible offense is to
hire a guy who just got fired for having
a horrible offense?

Doesn't really look like the Celtics are
going to be hitting that 72 win mark anytime
soon, and if they do, it is certain that they
won't want to face the pesky Atlanta Hawks
who up to this point are responsible for at
least 3 Boston losses but none of their W's.

So the strongest Union in America has flexed
it's muscles once again! The Florida Marlins
have been doing just fine spending a few
dollars more than the Newark Bears and yet
outperforming most MLB teams, but no, that's
not good enough, spend more they must.
Ah yes capitalism at it's best !

Don't you think the Knicks have enough to
worry about, than to worry whether or not
ghosts are real or not?

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