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Thursday, January 7, 2010

If Only It Was JUST Silly

Looks like the Pacquio Mayweather fight
turned into a pissing match of sorts
after all. Pun intended.

So the Redskins pulled the trigger and got
their man in Mike Shanahan for 5 Years and
$35 million, but let's not forget that they
could have avoided all of this by keeping
Marty Schottenheimer years ago and they would
have been a winning program all along. Yes,
Marty doesn't have the rings that Shanny has,
BUT, Shanahan no longer has Elway, and has done
nothing without him. You might even say that
Marty has a better overall body of work having
done it with many more teams and had he had John
Elway he might be just as revered. It just so
happens however that Elway is the reason Marty
has suffered such disappointment throughout his
career, or at least the beginning of those

Props and a huge shout out to David Stern and
the NBA for not allowing Gilbert Arenas to
continue to shoot himself in the foot.

Congratulations to Andre Dawson for getting into
the baseball Hall of Fame. I personally am not
sure he's deserving of that honor, but then again
I can't make a case against him either. These
days the lines are so muddled it's hard to decide
one way or the other, especially when it's kinda
close. At least in my eyes it is. I guess what
I'm trying to say is, Nice job Andre.

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