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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stay Tuned......I'm Baaaaaaaaack

Now that the medication has kicked
in and my voice has returned well
enough to honor your ears, look out
for the latest installment of a MSS
report right here. In the meantime
hear are a couple of interesting
story links to keep you laughing,
thinking, and occupied.

So I guess this guy shutting down
The First Church of Tiger Woods
was a good idea after all, but
this guy seems to have found his
own God as he has completely turned
his entire career and image in
just one short year.

This sounds the perfect move if
it's true, especially if Brady
Quinn has any chance of being
your QB of the future!

Hey looks like the MLB network just
threw a fastball a little high and
at ESPN in the batters box.
This might end up being a bench
clearing brawl after all.

Oh yeah, by the way here are your
2010 World Cup Soccer groupings.
Enjoy Soccer Freaks !

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