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Friday, December 18, 2009

My Thoughts On This

I hate to beat this to death but the
addition of Roy Halladay who hasn't
proven a thing in the post season for
Cliff Lee, who looked like Cool Hand
Luke vs. the Yankees in the World Series
just seems like a risky and sort of
dumb move. Especially when you know
what you got in Lee, and he wants to end
his career with you
, not to mention the
fact that he might be a tad cheaper to
sign to a long term deal. Don't get it !

I find it both interesting and puzzling
how quick Bill Belichick and Tom Brady
are to defend Randy Moss, when you
consider that with Randy they don't have a
single Super Bowl Victory and without
him they have THREE. And stop F*%king
telling me that he is a first ballot Hall
of Famer, when he often decides which plays
to take off, and when to play hard. He has
yet to garnish any hardware representing a
Super Bowl victory, so stop F*%king blaming
the Raiders & Vikings for him not having one.
If he was truly a leader and good example
he would have made it a priority to lead
and forced his will on it, instead of trying
to jump om the success of a good team and call
it his !

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