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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Monday

I was a little late with the Stone
Cold Locks this, so instead of skipping
them I thought I would just use the ones
I make on the Sports Round Table.
Last week I went 3-0 and the record is now
17-4 the picks from the show are as follows.
Ravens---Navy---Titans. Sorry on the show
we use ONE college pick, that's why the
Navy pick. Anyway here are a couple of things
I found interesting in the news today.

Watch maker Tag Heuer decided to keep Tiger
Woods as their spokesman. It may be none
of our business what Tiger does
in his
private life, but it does say something
about Tag Heuer. Just what is up to you.

The San Diego Chargers are obviously not
interested in winning any Super Bowls if
they are this easily impressed.

See you tomorrow.....STAY TUNED FOR MORE !

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