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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

LeBron Not A Choker, The Celtics Are Just Winners

(Damian Strohmeyer/SI)

Though you might get it right once in a while when
you call LeBron James a choker, more often than not
he isn't, and this debate could go on for quite a
bit, but this isn't my point. There is plenty of
blame to go around when it comes to the fact that
the Heat had a 2-0 lead and is now down 3-2.

The guy who often gets a pass in Miami is Dwayne
Wade, and that's because he already brought the
Heat a ring once before, but he is as much if not
more to blame than James is for this recent and
what seems to be inevitable collapse. Chris Bosh
gets the least respect of all in that threesome,
and his return didn't get him any more in last
nights loss. To the naked eye it may seem like
the Miami Heat can't lose, but they aren't really
built to win either. Lots of money invested in 3
guys, and fingers crossed on the rest of the roster.

The Boston Celtics know how to win, it just that
simple. Three years from now if this group is
allowed to stay together you may be able to say
the same about them too, but this win now mentality
has doomed in the short term. They put that bulls
eye on their own back, and they said they wanted it
that way, well the pressure is and microscope is
killing them. Don't tell me that they went to the
Finals last year and could this year too. The Heat
has not won anything yet, and until they do, they
are just another answer to a who lost trivia question.

I knew the Celtics had their number, and could beat
Miami, and still I picked the Heat in six. Why?
Age, but age is also another word for experience, and
now that James, Wade, Bosh, and Spoelstra have left
the door open, Doc Rivers and crew know what to do
once the get inside. For their sake I just hope their
sciatica doesn't kick in.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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