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Friday, June 15, 2012

Jason Bay Concussion May Be A Mets Break

Sipkin/NY Daily News

You never wish anyone one true harm, and I certainly
don't, to what many believe to be one of baseball's
true good guys, but let's face it, the Jason Bay
signing by the New York Mets has been one of the
colossal busts of all time in pro sports. The only
reason this signing hasn't received more negative
press by the national media is because Bay isn't a
major league a$$hole, otherwise it would be much
easier to pick on him and the Mets for the flop.

Pro sports isn't about which team can put together
the roster with the most nice guys, it helps when
they're not pompous jerks, but so does winning a
few games. The Mets have been doing pretty well
this season, especially with the youngsters called
up from the minors to fill in for injured players
such as Bay, and when Bay returned things got worse
not better, as you might hope with a returning vet
"star". It took Bay more than a dozen at bats
before his first hit, and even his outs were awful
to watch. Now Jason may have another concussion,
and for his sake, and the sake of his family I hope
he doesn't he'll be ok, but it may be the break
the Mets need to continue on what could very well
be a very special season for them. They have been
playing better without him these days, and have for
awhile now, their youth is ready to take over, and
the price tag is much cheaper.

I wish Jason Bay the best, in health, wealth, and
happiness, but I hope he never plays another inning
or takes another single at bat for the Mets, he has
already cost them, and their fans way too much.
I never thought the Bay signing was a bad one, but
I did think it was a bad one for the money they gave
him. I made the analogy that I would definitely
pay $1.50 for a loaf of bread, but I most certainly
wouldn't pay $73.99 for that same of loaf of bread,
and that's what the Mets did. They bought it, over
paid for it and in turn had to try and eat it. They
couldn't let it get moldy or thrown out. They had to
play him, they kinda had no choice, but now they do.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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