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Monday, June 18, 2012

Can R.A. Dickey Catch Tom Seaver Or Denny McLain?

Maybe it hasn't been this exact question, but this
question in some form or another has been asked a
few times for sure since 1968. The reason to bring
up Seaver is because of the obvious, both he and
Dickey are/were Mets, but outside of Denny McClain,
you can fill in the blank depending on which teams
record holder your talking about.

Tonight R.A. Dickey goes for his eleventh win of
the season against the Baltimore Orioles with only
one loss thus far, and though it's clearly a little
too early to imagine R.A. getting 30 wins, it is a
little more likely that he can approach the Mets
single season wins record holder Tom Seaver if he
gets past tonight's hurdle. Denny McClain is NOT
the record holder for mos wins in a season, but he
is the most recent 30 game winner, having done this
in 1968 with the Detroit Tigers. Seaver went 25-7
in 1969 and since both of those two went on to win
the World Series that year it's certainly a sign the
New York Mets organization will welcome as a good
omen if ever there was one. The Mets just got over
one major hurdle of being one of only two teams in
existence without a no-hitter, the other being the
San Diego Padres, and that took 50 years, so why not
dream BIG.

It would be irresponsible of me if I didn't point out
that the 30 game winner watch happens often, in case
you haven't noticed, and I thought sure Ubaldo Jimenez
had an excellent shot at it in 2010 when he got off to
a 15-1 start and was sitting on a 2.20 Era, but Jimenez
flamed out pretty badly and finished the season with a
record of 19-8 and a 2.88 Era after going 4-7 the rest
of the way and not even winning 20 games or even the
Cy Young award for that matter.

Since Seavers 25 wins the closest we've come to the
30 win mark in recent history is Bob Welch and his 27
wins in 1990 while pitching for the Oakland A's, but
they lost the World Series, so much for omens. With
so many near no-hitters, and perfect games, as well as
the ones that have been thrown this season, it's clear
that pitchers are beginning to take back some of what's
theirs and that can only favor Dickey's quest for THIRTY
if he gets close enough. Yes, it's too early to think
THIRTY wins, especially for a knuckle baller, but since
a pitch count is one thing that knuckle ball pitchers
don't have to fear and have in their favor, if Dickey
wins tonight, don't be surprised to hear the 30 game
winner talk start to make the rounds sooner or later.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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