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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

San Antonio Spu(r)ds

The title may seem harsh for a team that's
accomplished so much in recent history, but
like Jerry Seinfeld says we "root for the
laundry", meaning just because they wear the
same uniform as their predecessors, it doesn't
mean they will share the same success, or even
demise for that matter.

With the true exception of Tim Duncan, Manu
Ginobili, and Anthony Parker, the rest of
these guys haven't done much of anything and
I pointed out how suspect they were a few weeks
back on my show when they kept the consistent
theme of losing big, but let me give it to you
by the numbers.

Of the Spurs 21 losses:
33% Have been blowouts*
42.8% Have been by 10 points or more
9.5% Were road losses that avg. 27 point beatdowns
(Lost @ N.O. by 24 & at MIA by 30)

Blowout number remains consistent vs Memphis in
the first round of the playoffs thus far. As they
trail Memphis 3-1, 33% of those losses were blowouts
or rather one out of those three games was a loss
were they were defeated by 13 or more, in this case
18 (104-86). Their only win was by a 6 points margin.

No reason to believe they can't come back though,
their winning percentage throughout the season
was 74.3%, but I wouldn't hold my breathe.
These aren't your daddies Spurs.

* = Blowout is defined by losing by 13 or more

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