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Monday, April 18, 2011

Calling David Stern

So let me get this right, you suspend Amare
Stoudemire while he was a member of a Mike
D'Antoni coached Suns team in 2007 because
he was gallant enough to defend his scrawny
175lb teammate from getting mugged by Robert
Horry, but don't feel in any way compelled
to do anything about Ray Allen chest bumping
a teammate who was supposed to be on the bench
but came out onto the floor while the ball was
still in play, after the three he hit against
the Knicks that wound up being the game winner.
And these same referees that you constantly
make sure aren't criticized are ok by you, even
though on Carmelo Anthony's game winning shot
attempt Paul Pierce was hanging on the rim.
Do I have that right? David? Mr Stern? Do I?
Or is it a Mike D'Antoni, Amare Stoudemire grudge
you got going on?......Just Asking.
Oh and by the way, was that Celtics assistant coach
Lawrence Frank on the court during live action?
Again, Just Asking?

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