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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A List, Imagine That

In our world of lists, where someone is always
coming up with a new list for something, I thought
I would share this list of two sport athletes that
a friend of mine shared with me. I particularly
like number 2, but am completely dismayed at how
far they took this list with number 8. Hope you
enjoy it and feel free to let me know who you think
they left off and should have added.


John in Columbus said...

They missed newcomers like Kenny Lofton who played at Arizona for Lute Olson and Tom Glavine was a first round draft pick in the NHL. Antwaan Randle El was a QB at Indiana, Julius Peppers played bball at UNC and is phenomenal currently, and Antonio Gates, McNabb, and Tony Gonzalez all played high level b-ball before hitting the gridiron. I did find Tim Duncan's swimming exploits to be an interesting inclusion!

Mad Stork said...

Thanks for the Feedback John, but in
all fairness, these guys belong on
the list as much as Tim Duncan does.
I mean who really knows of these
exploits, and though that doesn't
make them any less impressive, it is
a top 10 list and with the exception
of Tom Glavine the only glaring
omission I see is that of Dave
Windfield who was drafted not only
by the SD Padres, but the Minnesota
Vikings and Atlanta Hawks as well.