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Monday, June 13, 2011

LeBron Bashing Aside

Image: AP

As I tweeted last night, LeBron James took
his talents to South Beach and Mark Cuban
took the NBA Trophy to Dallas.

The Cavs owner Tweeted that this is a lesson
for everyone, there are no shortcuts, NONE.
He's right, but should have just kept quiet.

I also tweeted that LeBron couldn't carry the
jock of Michael Jordans sons. Right now this
is true, and though this was in reference to
the comment Scottie Pippen made earlier last
week, when he said that LeBron is a better all
around player then Jordan was, my comment was
not based on pure talent. Jordan would have
ripped your heart out last night, LeBron can't
get out of his own way. Maybe if he grows up
first, then he can play Championship ball.
It doesn't matter how many players in the league
like Queen James, the difference is they are
willing to beat him to a pulp to take the trophy
home for their team and their fans.

By the way, this isn't bashing, just the cold truth.

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