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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

David Wright or Wrong?

Since David Wright went on the DL the NY
Mets are 3 games over .500 at 21-18,
they were 4 games under with him, and
though you can make the case that the
Mets are doing this without Ike Davis
as well as any sort of real fire power
from the bat of Jason Bay, it is clear
the Jose Reyes is making a real case
to receive a "Carl Crawford" type offer
from someone this off season. In this
writers opinion it's also becoming more
and more clear that perhaps that can
survive without David Wright, and should
consider using him as trade bait as soon
as he starts to show he's healthy.
Jose Reyes has more stolen bases and hits
in his first 1000 games than anyone except
Ty Cobb, yes even more than Ricky Henderson,
and you can get more for Wright who has a
1 1/2 left on his contract as opposed to
just a few months for Reyes. Just Sayin'.

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