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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mark San-chise Or Dumb-chise ?

Full disclosure will tell you that I am not a
Mark Sanchez fan, as a matter a fact I have been
predicting his demise since the moment the NY
Jets traded up to get him in the 2008 NFL draft,
but that is not why I am writing this.

A little over a week ago Deadspin reported a
story about Sanchez and his hooking up with 17
year old girl a few weeks back, and all the little
pieces of the story since attached to it.
The details are not something I'm really all that
interested in, maybe you are. What does strike a
cord with me is that even though I root against him
from time to time, I kinda like the kid. He's
comes across as a bright guy, likable and smart, but
this latest story kind of leaves you scratching your
head. You see the synopsis of the story is this:
He meets a girl, she's says she's 17, he says well
I guess I'll have to wait until you turn 18 because
he thinks that 18 and not 16 is legal in NY. She,
the girl tells him no, I'm legal now it's 16 in NY,
he, Mark Sanchez is 23 at the time, so this all seems
ok, except it really isn't. You see, 23 year olds
shouldn't be with 17 year olds, but they sometimes
are and it turns out just fine, and the intentions
are good, BUT you are the starting Quarterback of the
NY Jets, yes that's right in the media mecca of the
world. What the F%&K are you thinking? Are you
serious? There are a tremendous amount of women
ranging from 22 - 82 who are willing to drop to their
unabashed knees and service within a seconds notice
at just about any hour of the day, and you choose a
17 year old girl?, who no matter how hot she is, is
more than certainly going to give you a bad name in
the press just because they are going to label you
with making a bad choice! As Pro Football Talk
pointed out in one of their stories, no laws were
broken, but it will raise eyebrows, and that to me
has to have Jets fans wondering if this is the guy
who through his decision making is the one that's
going to lead the J-E-T-S to the promised land.

Rex Ryan has already guaranteed that the Jets will
win the Super Bowl next year, and I believe that
the Jets have the curse of the Schottenheimer to
deal with as well, so just add this to the things
that stand in the way of their second Lombardi
trophy and all you have is people around the league
saying is: "Typical Jets".

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