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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stone COLD Locks !

Well last week wasn't a disaster, and I am
now 6-3 but now more representative of a
"Stone Cold Lock" predictor after a 3-0
week. So without further adieu, I will
continue with the no more Mr Nice Guy
Approach. Again, no such thing as a
too easy pick from now on. It's a
"LOCK" because it's supposed to be,
so here we go again.


New Orleans



1 comment:

JPA said...

Good picks guru though TB vs. Miami made it interesting! Luckily, TB was just good enough to lose. And your Raiders... can we end the Jamarcus Russel experiment!! The guy is over his head though what exactly do they expect from Gradkowski? I had high hopes for an average season from the silver and black, but much like my Orioles reality has an unfortunate way of intervening each year. Good show on WDIS though I think the Pats' fans in the audience may not like what Manning has in store. To be fair I am pretty sure that Manning will throw for 700 yards against the Ravens once mighty D (horrible secondary!!!).