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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bitten By The Bug Again !

Every once in a while life kicks
you in the pants, for me that time
is now, as I fall ill for the third
time just this fall. So since my
voice has left me, I will leave
you this to chew on until I return.

Here is a perfect example of how some
of us need more that 21 years of
maturity for our brains to fully
develop. They definitely need to make
sure this guy knows that WWE is not real.
And anyway what's up with Steelers fans
this year? First they get poisoned by
a disgruntled Bears fan and then kick
a dog when he's down, literally ? !

OK so who's the MORON that voted for
Miguel Cabrera? C'mon, Man up !

Congratulations to REAL Salt Lake of
the MLS, but it is a sad day in sports
when your champion finishes the regular
season with a record UNDER .500 !

I want to borrow a headline I saw, Enjoy !
Josh McDaniels reportedly told the Chargers
linebacking crew "We own you guys" before
getting annihilated 32-3.

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