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Monday, June 1, 2009

Progam Alert & More ! SELENA ROBERTS

Selena Roberts stops by THIS WEEK and
gives Mad Stork Sports the A-Rod book scoop.

Tune in, hear it all right hear ! Many things
you are sure to not have heard before !

Now Back to our regularly scheduled SPORTS


Blue Jays took 2 of 3 from the Red Sox to exact at
least a mild bit of revenge on Boston for setting
Toronto into a tailspin and the beginning of a
nine game losing streak. Cincinnati was swept by
Milwaukee in what was supposed to be a bit of a battle
for 1st, guess it wasn't too evenly matched after all.
Brian Bannister 4-2 3.64 has allowed 5 or more earned
runs in 6 or less inning in 2 of his last 3 starts,
repeating his cycle of 2008 with a very good start
followed by a dramatic downward spin.

Zach Grienke Loses, Oh My

Here is an example of "BASEBALLS NEW AGE"
5/28 Khalil Greene STL SS Social anxiety disorder
5/30 Joey Votto CIN 1B Stress-related issues
My how times have changed.

NBA Playoffs: Well I guess I no game 7 in LA, MY BAD.
Orlando, Cleveland May have been a surprising result
for some, but why all this Le Bron hating???? So he
didn't want to talk after the game, SO WHAT !
I wouldn't wanna talk either, GET OVER IT !

NHL Stanley Cup Finals: Won't last long, not at all.

The AP reported that Brett Hull and Les Jackson are
out as co-general managers of the Dallas Stars, and
in their place is Joe Nieuwendyk another former star
player. Who thought Co-GM's was a good Idea ???
Stupid, Just Stupid

Great story today by Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports
On the NHL useing only rules that are convenient
check it out

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