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Friday, May 29, 2009

My Fingers Do The Talking

Indians sweep Rays with 2-1 victory yesterday
If that isn't bad enough The Rays have lost 5
in a row overall & 17 straight in Cleveland,
and Monday they BLEW a 10-0 lead !

Luke Scott homers twice, leads Orioles over the
Tigers 5-1, Nolan Reimold homers for the second
straight game and the Orioles have won 4 Straight.

Pitchers and Match ups to watch tonight: Detroit
Tigers Dontrelle Willis, Andy Petitte 4-1 4.30Era
at Cleveland vs Cliff Lee 2-5 3.04Era, Toronto

Toronto's Blue Jays are now losers of 9 Straight
a losing streak that started with Boston continued
with the interleauge play against Atlanta and then
against Baltimore. Tonight they are at home against
those same Red Sox and Tim Wakefield 6-2, 3.99Era,
maybe they can get some payback, but I doubt it.

Surprising Cincinnati is at the Brewers in a battle
for 1st in the NL central?? Did I just write that??
Chicago White Sox at KC, Brian Bannister 4-1 2.79Era
starts as both teams try to get back in it.

The Arizona Republic reports that "Word is" Anquan
Boldin is set to hire Tom Condon as his new agent.

NBA Playoffs Orlando Cleveland is 3-2 and as far as
I'm concerned, Cleveland almost blew it last night,
Especially after jumping out to such a huge lead.
Orlando can only blow this series. Tonight the Lakers
will try and close out in Denver, I don't think they
will though, see you in Game 7!

NHL Playoffs Red Wings-Penguins in Finals SATURDAY
SHAME ON ME for listening to that
Penguins fan who said that the Penguins beat the
Red Wings the last time they met, NEVER HAPPENED,
AND this is a rematch from last year, so Wings are
the defending CHAMPS

Are you surprised that Memphis is being investigated
by the NCAA? I'm not, but John Calipari supposedly
is NOT a target of this probe.

A Nigerian Manchester United fan kills rivals
by running them over after the match, what an
idiot. Read The story



JPA said...

Wieters has graced the major league with his presence. He may start slow but his intangibles are immeasurable. Aren't most intangibles immeasurable though?

He caught an excellent near-complete game from his minor league buddy Brad Bergeson and he may have provided lineup protection for Luke Scott who homered two more times off of Dontrelle Willis who had only given of two HRs to left-handed hitters in his career!

So folks in B-more are really excited to be on the upswing. Sure, the playoffs are a year or two away IF things break right, but it is finally not just a pipe dream.

On a side note, isn't wierd how there is zero hype about the NBA draft?

JPA said...

Oh, and RIP Newcastle United. Relegation is a brutal thing. Maybe Championship football is what they need to right the ship. Sad.