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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hot Under The Collar?

Todd Haley is clearly showing how much of a
rookie he is to the head coaching business
by avoiding this post game tradition of
shaking hands with Josh McDaniels after his
team got spanked on Sunday. Perhaps he's
feeling the pressure of blowing his early
season first place cushion, or maybe getting
pushed around by a team that only two weeks
ago gave up 59 points on their home field to
the Raiders is too much to deal with.
Whatever the case may be, he might want to
take a lesson from coaching great Joe Gibbs
who's Redskins got their asses handed to them
by the Patriots during their run for a perfect
season and still managed to brush aside the
running up of the score by the Pats.
Though McDaniels is a young brash brat in his own
right he got the same two weeks earlier and seemed
to have made no complaints about it, and though
I am certainly not a fan of running up the score
on anyone it does seems that Hasley can take a lesson
from McDaniels on this one.

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