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Monday, October 26, 2009

Quick Hits

Just a thought or two until the next show.

It's hard to believe that their is a quarterback
with a worse passer rating than Jamarcus Russell,
but their is and that quarterback is Jake Delhomme.
He has committed 15 turnovers and thrown only four
touchdowns. His passer rating of 56.5 ranks 32nd
in the league. Yet Coach John Fox says,"I still
believe Jake is our best quarterback".
Who the heck is he kidding ! ? !

Now this is a rhetorical question, but is this
guy a moron or what? Joe Paterno MUST be a
genius, because we know he's a legend, and it's
hard to believe he never had a hard time with
this LJ, who prior to conception might have done
the world a favor by being a BJ. Here's just a
small piece of his retarded thought pattern on his
Twitter account after yesterdays loss to San Diego.

"My father played for the coach from "remember the
titans"," says the tweet. "Our coach played golf.
My father played for redskins briefly. Our coach.

And this was reported by Profootballtalk on NBC
Sports: NFL spokesman Greg Aiello revealed
Monday that the league is investigating Larry
Johnson's recent tirade on Twitter.
L.J.'s use of the word "fag" in the direction of
fans and reporters could fall under the Personal
Conduct Policy. Specifically, the policy is aimed
at "conduct that undermines or puts at risk the
integrity and reputation of the NFL, NFL clubs,
or NFL players." Johnson's history of NFL violations
certainly won't help him. We still anticipate the
team disciplining him first.

In the words of one of the worlds great thinkers,
Bugs Bunny: "Sheesh, What a Maroon"

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