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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

While Your Waiting

for the next episode of Mad Stork Sports,
I thought you might find these stories

I told you this the last time I spoke to
you, where there's smoke there's fire.
In this case it's Tony Bernazard that's
FIRED. Now you can smile Willie, I did.

In case you were wondering about the
relationship between Contador and Armstrong
well wonder no more, THEY HATE EACH OTHER

Though I'm sure you didn't wonder at all about
how Hank Aaron felt about steroids users, here's
a little more in case you weren't convinced.

Sometimes out of bad news comes some OK news.
First the BAD news, In case you missed it,
Ferrari driver Felipe Massa was involved in
a terrible accident this past weekend, but
now instead of critical, he's better, and things
look like he should be ok, so there's a little
of the OK news. The second piece of OK news
is for those fans that miss Michael Schumacher
behind the wheel. This piece says that he may
fill in for a few races and after this terrible
season for Ferrari, it would certainly be a treat.

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